Our Heritage

The La Petit Box velvet ring box has been created just for you, to provide the perfect and most opulent keepsake for your treasured heirlooms.

Each collection has a beautiful adornment of colours which we indeed know you will be tempted. Colours will be limited so if your desired colour is there, do be quick to give it a home and make it your very own.

Our velvet is produced by our English Mills which date back to when these pretty boxes first became popular in the Victorian times. We sourced all around the world and found the perfect velveteen here in England for our heirloom boxes.

However you decide to choose your box either just plush velvet or to finish it off with a custom bespoke monogram, both equally look sublime.

The Velvet

England is steeped in history regarding our cotton mills. So imagine our delight when we discovered a mill here in England that carries a long history of producing some of the finest, rich velvets in the world since 1858. We are proud that our luxurious velvets are seeped with our rich English heritage.